Living Lab for klimatilpasning /// Fakta
Gate 21

By 2025 The Capital Region of Denmark has an ambition to be internationally recognized as a climate resilient region. To achieve this, one of the initiatives is to establish a Living Lab for climate adaptation that has to serve as a platform and showroom for innovation, co-creation, and dissemination of knowledge about and within climate adaptation, as well as for coordination of the demand for solutions on climate adaption across municipalities, water utilities, and companies on the basis of local Storm Water Resource Plans.

In the process, Smith has conducted a pre-analysis that seeks to establish the needs, scopes, and growth and export potentials within climate adaption that formed the basis of the formal decisionmaking process about the establishment of the Living Lab. The intention was to clarify how a Living Lab for climate adaptation in the Capital Region, could become a unique and attractive offer, and what it would take to promote the implementation of climate adaptation measures in the Danish municipalities The pre-analysis has among other things encompassed a mapping and evaluation of 21 municipal Storm Water Resource Plans including an analysis on barriers and readiness for implementation of climate adaption, with an aim to demonstrate what it takes to further the implementation of Storm Water Resource Plans on a city

/ municipal level. Furthermore, the pre-analysis encompasses an overview of potential export markets and international collaboration opportunities for Danish solutions on climate adaptation.


The pre-analysis states nine main conclusions and recommendations for the establishment of a Living Lab.