How to create a framework for other people's innovation

The construction industry is potentially a crucial factor on many critical agendas. But an exploitation of this potential requires a framework for the development that goes in the same direction.

It is a comprehensive task to create a framework for other people’s innovations. It requires presence, time and several specialist skills to create interaction between a wide range of public and private actors. It's about supporting the development and not taking over. It’s about making room for innovation and the unexpected without compromising on time and economy and without anyone experiencing unfair treatment. It's about creating momentum and mutual understanding across knowledge and fields of interest. Not least, it can be challenging for actors who has their rationale and network rooted in a non-commercial background to lead programs in which the market plays a key role.

With a solid knowledge of the industry and its development agendas and deep insight into the dynamics of the innovation process from both a public and private point of view, Smith helps authorities, foundations, associations and interest groups who wants to lift the building industry. We believe that it is important to have a firm grip on the process of innovation and an open mind in relation to the result. And to have the professional knowledge of the area, which makes it possible to control the momentum and not the formalities. The shortest path from vision to effect goes through the opportunity to learn as the innovation process unfolds.