How to create a solid groundwork in terms of both visions and value when building In a world of constant change, the why to build is more important than what to build. There’s more to a well-executed building project than drawings, calculations, and excavators. When all comes to all it’s the users of the building who determine the value of it. Consequently, the role of the construction client is changing – from being about building in itself to a focus on optimising resources and value creation in the hole lifespan of the building. Makin it essential that the construction client has the ability to be involved in and make meaning of an ongoing dialogue between multiple users and stakeholders. Smith assists construction clients on how to combine visions and value in their projects. By starting with asking “why”, we insist that the construction client broaden their professional expertise with an external perspective and knowledge in order to manage the increasing demands on involvement, holistic thinking, and social responsibility set by the outside world.